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Infomercial Testimonials 

All DRTV testimonials generated at ITG
 are by unpaid testimonial volunteers.

"IF your product works we will prove it with documented results."
DRTV Infomercial Testimonial Casting without 'casting'.
 Just real results by real people.

At Infomercial Testimonial Group results are based on the merits of the product or program being tested. All fitness infomercial testimonials and DRTV testimonials are nonpaid volunteers who followed the program managed and coordinated by Infomercial Testimonial Group - the largest provider of DRTV Testimonials in the world.

DRTV Infomercial testimonials generated at ITG are by unpaid volunteers.

IF your product works we will prove it with
 documented results.

 Infomercial Testimonial results generated by your target demographic.

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